Blackanimals is a directing duo formed by Adriana Lodolo & Camilo Barria.

They work within creativity mainly in the form of films and animations, but for them, stories and emotions are more important than formats.


Adri Lodolo is a Hyper Island Alumni with a filmmaking master degree and a mass communications degree. She is also a creative, copywriter, editor, and producer who has worked with major networks in Latin America and the U.S.

Camilo Barria is a sociologist turned into a director. He is also a creative and an art director, producer, editor who has been awarded several times by the PromaxBDA Association.

They met at an airport in Chile, went to a bar called The Foxy, asked for some vodka tonics, got married, moved to Buenos Aires, lived there 10 years, relocated to U.S and founded Blackanimals as their common voice.



001 (857) 204 7627


Screenings and Festivals

2017 Slumberjack International Film Festival - UK

2016 Music Video Underground Film Festival - France

2016 LA Femme International Film Festival - USA

2016 Hong Kong Art House International Film Festival